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3 minutes ago, Michael said:

Do mouth organs come under essential items???

I'm glad I'm not open, some people just don't get it!!!

We would just order one in and add a small percentage onto the price. Why limit yourself.

We have sold in the past light bulbs, toilet rolls, taps. If a customer is happy to pay why not ?.

Some old people do not like using the internet so are happy to pay for all manner of strange items as long as you make a profit that's all that matters.

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Not asked if we sell , but couple times a year it seems we get older generation come in with a prescription for copious amount of prescribed drugs , with me directing them to the pharmacy couple doors down , with the girl behind the counter giving me there ticket for shoe repairs , built a good working relationship together over the years ......

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Just a query on this subject, a customer asks for a ?????????, (none stock item), before ordering one do you charge customer upfront? if so how do you know how much to charge? If you don't charge upfront how many customers don't return? what do you do with unsold ???????. It's'the wrong colour/size/ shape or customer has a change of mind. Is it really worth the effort or should we stick to things we know about?

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