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      18 January 2021

It is with some huge regret I must cancel any shows in 2021

Having canvassed and had replies from many exhibitors it seems unlikely any would attend a show or feel that visitor number would be very low.

I  have therefore now secured a provisional date of Saturday 5th and Sunday the 6th of March 2022 for Lockexpo

 And for ALEX (the Auto Locksmith speciality show)  on 1st and 2nd of October 2022.


To backup our decision to cancel shows in 2021 -We have done some research:-


We have had some terrific help from various government departments, DHSC and NHS.

There are approx. 70 million people in the UK

The most vulnerable will be vaccinated by mid February 2021 – hopefully, but the over 70’s are not our market = 13 million people.

They then hope to vaccinate 2 million a week, but in that figure there has to be a second dose, so 2 million for the first 13 weeks then what?

So say 57 million people less the non believers, even if it goes to plan, 25 weeks from the end of Feb that will be late August. 3 weeks for immunity to build….. It has been estimated that Covid recoverees’ MAY be protected for up to 6 months? Plus any new strains that mutate.

Currently 50K+ new infections a day and over 500 deaths. There needs to be a drop to less than 1000 a day before things can even consider becoming normal. Then on top of this a continued reduction until we may consider it safe enough.

Now on top of that not enough data exists to say in the vaccine prevents full Covid or reduces the severity and it is not known if once vaccinated if a patient gets covid if they are infectious. The fear is the symptoms are so mild they do not realise but are infectious.

So many variables.

On BBC breakfast this Morning (11/01) Pro Chris Whitty was asked when we could expect to get back to normal – his long answer boiled down to – ‘when enough people are vaccinated and it will be months not years’ Please be safe. Please check the Locks and Security Website www.lasm.co.uk

Or contact us :- mick@lockexpo.co.uk

Our telephone number has also changed to 01692 650790.

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