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just had a customer who wanted her new watch to have the strap adjusted,

I joked after doing it @£25' to see if she was awake -= to which she was very happy and proceeded to pay me? 

Obviously I stopped her saying i was pulling her leg, and she said it seemed cheap as had been into  'Finds' the jewelers who wanted £30-00!! ffs

simple job two minutes - but they are asking for it?

NOW, the question is - am I too cheap? (£5-99)

or are they even cleverer?

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I know some places charge per link, which I'd find hard to justify - could maybe justify having a different price for 1 link vs 2+ links, as at that point you'll inevitably be adjusting on both sides of the strap rather than one. 

Kind of would be a cheeky way to advertise a lower price, knowing that 90% of adjustments will be the higher price.

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