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Your right its the 6-pin series and not the 5 or 7 you can always tell from the head shape.

On the plus side the cutting card is easy to find, just search under ASSA, then change the columns for cuts and look for the 6 pin cards. I think its 345 from memory, so don't quote me as it might not be right.  Just in my head with a load of other unless info I can check tomorrow if your stuck.


And dont forget when decoding most Assa will be in reverse so a 9 height cut will be the highest and not lowest.

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On 12/9/2020 at 3:42 PM, Growster said:

In my youthful vigour I promised "no problem, I'll decode it from a photo and Bob's your uncle".

Now my come-uppance has arrived, I am unsure about a suitable 6-pin blank.

Assa FK 2 of 2.JPG


maybe this helps reading ...

500-600-700 sügavused.jpg

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