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Not been using Glenway for several years because of the way in which they have attempted to gain market share. They are not alone! Their products are no better in terms of quality/design/price than others so why use them to help cut your own throat? In my opinion the market was over supplied even before COVID and I reckon that a major name is going to go pop. Trend have given an assurance, as recently as last week, that they will remain exclusively wholesale and continue to support the retail trade. Transworld offer a fantastic level of service and accommodation. It is principally those two suppliers that my business will support through thick and thin. Let the other wholesalers come out and state their positions!

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We hope that you are all safe and well and coping ok during these difficult times.  It has been a while since we have posted on the shoe repairer forum.  We do so today to state our position in response to the above forum posts.

 This past year has been incredibly difficult for us all and it is going to take time to fully recover from this pandemic.  There will be tough times ahead and we need to work together to make sure that we get to the other side of this crisis and beyond.  Despite the tough times it is disappointing and saddening to see that the subject of Trophy Wholesalers going direct to end user has reared its head yet again.  Many of our customers have made contact, asking us for our thoughts on the matter and asking what our future intentions and plans are in relation to this.  We will formally address these concerns and state our position with regards to direct online selling in the hope that it will allay any fears that you may have.

Simply put, our commitment is 100% to the trade, the current structure of the trade and our customers.  We have no ambition at all to enter the market as an online retailer.  We would like to understand what our customers thoughts are and encourage you to think about this issue and give us your feedback. 

 We have a policy of referrals that when we are approached from end users, we ALWAYS refer to a retail partner in the end user’s immediate area.  We have many recent positive reviews from our customers on our social media platforms pertaining to this (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).  We also encourage our retail partners to secret shop to test this policy which we actively promote via all our marketing platforms.  This is one example where we can clearly demonstrate the commitment to the trade and our customers and hopefully gives our customers some peace of mind as to our intentions.   

 We understand the value that our customers add before trophies are supplied directly with the quality of finishing off and service that you all provide. At Trend we simply do not want to do this.  Trying to replicate the service and quality provided by our customers to the end user will be very hard if not impossible.  As it stands, we have grown significantly as a business year on year for the past five years.  Our products, service and quality are improving all of the time.  What we are doing now works for us and we will not change this.

 We hope that this post goes some way in giving some confidence in us as a company and clarifies our position.  

 Sincerely All @ Trendsetting Awards

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You have my fullest support.  Here's wishing you all the best for next year.  Can't support a joint wholesaler/retailer who competes for the same custom.  Their buying power..and therefore their profits...increase if we add volume to their orders.  Increased profits....future discounts.  Get where this is going.?

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