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Open or Not?

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Totally mad , more shops open than in the first lockdown, & more people wondering aimlessly around . It’s crazy , government should have closed everybody but supermarkets. Only in 3 days x 5 hours a week ,for collection & drop off ,not really worth it , but Timpson have two outlets open 6/7 days a week + local locksmith open . 
not sure if it’s widely advertised but local authorities will have grants available up to £1300 a month for some small local businesses struggling with lockdown . Worth looking on your areas councils website for details. Not available just yet but if you don’t apply you’ll never know 

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4 hours ago, petercoulson said:

I have a customer who has been told he won't receive any grant help to be closed as he is essential and should be open..........

Worrying to hear. I decided to close. Basically my business is 40% keys, 50% watch repairs. Keys (I think) are essential, ( but never actually seen printed on any government paperwork). As for the hardware clause, I've never considered my shop a hardware shop, nowhere is that indicated that I am in my lease, or from council paperwork.   Watch repairs aren't.  Trade would probably be down by at least 90%. I'll be well annoyed if i don't get the grant.


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2 hours ago, Michael said:

Based on the rateable value on 3 levels, mine is below £15k = £1334, £15k-£51k = £2000 and over £51k = £3000 to cover a 28 day period of closure


Thanks for the info.

Are shoe repairers\key cutters eligible for the grant?


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