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Lockdown 2

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There’s three of us at home here.

Youngest at school - be in anyway

wifes a teacher - be in anyway

Im mostly bike shop now - be in anyway

middle sons gutted as he’s striving to get a business off the ground, but for us it’s pretty much life as normal!


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Were still lucky here in Scotland, and in a low tier innour area. No full lockdown as of yet. I would expect it soon ans a doubt for one minute it will last a month be more like 2 till peak flu season us over.

We class locksmith as essential work, as we do a lot of work for the police service and most of hospital in scotland and parts of England. 


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20 minutes ago, Simes said:

I’m trying to work out: 

1) Am I am essential business?

2) is there any point in opening if everywhere else is closed?

we are not a hardware store, so I don’t think we can. 

I think it will be more a case of having work to do and is it worth opening, the High Streets will be fairly empty if it's like Wales at the moment

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What else can firms get?

The government will also give firms:

  • Up to £3,000 per month under the Local Restrictions Support Grant if their premises is forced to close
  • £1,000 for every furloughed employee kept on until at least the end of January
  • £1,500 for every out-of-work 16-24 year-old given a ''high quality'' six-month work placement
  • £2,000 for every under-25 apprentice taken on until the end of January, or £1,500 for over-25s

A grant available to self-employed people affected by coronavirus has also been doubled to 40% of profits, with a maximum grant of £3,750 over a three-month period.

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