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Does anyone have any recommendations for a good quality entry level Laser engraving machine. We are currently running two CNC / Rotary Engraving Machines (Gravograph M40G and M20J), which we mainly use for engraving trophies, glassware, gifts, ID Tags and some small signage. Ideally we need something that will allow us to extend the range of services that we currently offer and possibly replace one of the existing machines. 

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Gravograph, Trotec and Epilog will sell you a high end solution to the quality of your Gravograph machines.  You can however save an absolute fortune by buying from Custom Lasers , HPC Lasers or Boxford.  If you have lots of work for the laser then go high end, if you are just starting and not sure how much work you have for the machines then go cheaper. You can get yourself a cheaper Co2 flatbed and Fiber and still have plenty of change compared to one high end machine. 

Just make sure you buy from someone that can service and fix the machines if they go wrong (so not an ebay special)


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Hello, have you bought a satisfactory laser engraving machine? This is a professional manufacturer of engraving machines. There are many types of machines to choose from. For beginners, there are also many choices. If you are interested, You can go to understand:Jinan FORSUN CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

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