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Covid business interruption insurance cover

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28 minutes ago, hibsjo(SCO) said:

supreme court ruling today could be a saviour

carry on!

Doubt it...I think the ins. co. will make it very difficult for claimants, the forms to complete will be complex and time consuming.

I believe, if all the hassle can be overcome, only lost profits less government grants can be claimed. (I don't trust insurance companys)

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2 hours ago, hibsjo(SCO) said:

I got a reply from  mine yesterday saying they were waiting on findings by Marsh to see what they were doing.

set of accounts will be required to show loss of earnings 

lets wait and see but i think they are all  FUKKED!

carry on!

"set of accounts" For when? this year, last year, or a simple end of year profit and loss account for 2019/20

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It would make sense for 3 years accounts so they can work out an average then calculate how much you may be entitled to.

We only ever closed for 7 weeks from March 23rd and the £8000 busines grant (8k after your taxed) so our trade has not really changed much in the last year (we are very very lucky we do so much trade work).

I wish the rest of you good luck and hope you all get what you should have in the first place.

Insurance companies alway seem to default to how can we avoid paying.

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