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Satin Ribbon Printer

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We are selling our satin ribbon printer and a large stock of ribbon and foil.

We used this primarily to print personalised medal ribbons and printed medal backs.

The printer itself retails at over £500. we purchased it from Trophex. Has had a new print head in the last 12 months. Comes with a ribbon stand and also a set of multi ribbon guides allowing you to print off multi ribbons

Lots of different coloured rolls of ribbon in various widths totalling hundreds of metres. Also included are rolls of foil in various colours. See pictures.

Contact us if you would like more details.

Looking for £300 for the complete set up.

Anyone interested would be welcome to come and see the system working at our workshop.


2020-10-05 15.24.41.jpg

2020-10-05 15.24.47.jpg

2020-10-05 15.25.12.jpg

2020-10-05 15.25.17.jpg

2020-10-05 15.26.01.jpg

2020-10-05 15.27.36.jpg

2020-10-05 15.27.55.jpg

2020-10-05 15.29.22.jpg

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