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Over the years I've noticed something.......... why does everyone do a "before & after picture" on their social media, you should think differently if your doing this....... so here's my top tips for getting a good presence on social media

  • 1. AFTER & before pictures. always publish your before and after pictures the other way round.... especially on Instagram then you'll have a nice looking feed of fresh repairs, not a dull feed of worn out shoes. same for facebook. a Fresh & minty repair as picture 1 carries far more impact that a worn out sole.


  • 2. Never re-publish the same picture twice. keep all content fresh. each year I publish a picture at christmas with a decoration and a watch, advertising watch strap adjustments for new watches. I've seen my pictures on other peoples feeds. keep things fresh & don't copy!


  • 3. Keep active in local groups, BUT when someones looking for recommendations is easy to get lost in the sea of "Timpson" I always @ my page & add a photograph relevant to the request, a picture connects people to the story, I can guarantee you looked at this picture below before you read this sentence. its a great way of standing out in local groups.


  • 4. Again on local groups if you engage anyone tell them where you are. it gets a visual impression in their heads "I'm in Snape Drive, next to the newsagents" it makes them walk to your door in their head, so if they walk past a competitor they don't notice them as you are already in their head space


  • 5. Reply to comments in your socials.... good or BAD! (lots of know it alls on youtube! every ones an expert over there!) Your audience are the most important people you have to spread the word. most strive to get new customers and followers, always bashing the numbers, but one good follower/believer is worth 100 inactive ones.


  • 6. Never enter a slagging match on negative reviews, we all get them. I answer them once factually because the majority are just idiots trying to rubbish your reputation. answer once. if they respond ignore it, I do have one trick for a bad feed back when, in fairness they are right because lets face it we aren't all perfect 100% of the time & I respond with this (bearing in mind a negative reviewer is unlikely to be a returning customer "There are three sides to every story, Yours, Theirs & the truth" & I leave it at that. it implies you know the reviewer & there's a story behind the review you are not relieving


  • 7. Have more than one account! segment your business for a more clear marketing campaign. if you are a typical repairer, you probably engrave and cut keys. if your pushing car keys have a separate account for it. I market two business names in one shop as I do bike repairs too have a look at my links below & you'll see how I market differently on each media and for each audience.








*I don't do Twitter, but we are looking into Tiktok & if we can use that in some way!




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Some fantastic tips here, Lee. Thanks for posting them. You're so right about point 3 especially.

I guess sometimes, though, Facebook's crazy picture sorting can stop you choosing an after picture first layout?

Also, would love to see your dance moves on TikTok! 





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On 9/24/2020 at 1:53 PM, Lee said:

Yes it’s called prime time, it fluctuates according to the time of year. My son always tells me when prime time is but it’s typically 7-8pm for Instagram and middle of the afternoon/early evening  for Facebook. 

Thanks again for information. Will start posting in prime time & hopefully get more interaction.

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On 9/28/2020 at 9:03 AM, chrisorros said:

Thanks again for information. Will start posting in prime time & hopefully get more interaction.

the best interaction & conversion to people through the door is facebook groups & responding to people looking for recommendations with a photo & a more personal response than just a tag of your page, I'm doing really well with that system currently. but it rolls real quick on socials, at one point I did well with facebook advertising & spent a fortune, then it became too commercial as everyone was doing it & I stopped.

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21 hours ago, gavinh said:

My son posted a before and after photo of a repair on facebook for me last week, it's got nearly 20,000 views so far.Would this be a good response as I'd never done this before.

20,000 views? that's impressive, but I'm skeptical of that number, maybe if you live in a city. but if you live in a town???


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Firstly, engaging with your audience is key. Responding to comments and messages shows you care. Secondly, creating visually appealing content will grab attention. Lastly, don't forget to utilize hashtags to increase visibility. By the way, if anyone is interested, I heard there are tiktok likes for sale that can help you become even more popular.

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