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I have located an excellent moccasin from a premier maker of hand-sewn leather shoes in Maine. The only problem is that I don't like the look of the soles. What appeals to me is the simple wedge-type camp sole that was used on the classic LL Bean blucher for years and years, before they started making the shoe in Central America--please see attached photos. The manufacturer in question says that the soles--originally made by Weron Rubber in Lawrence, Mass, but later made by Goodyear, Amazonas, MSM, Vibram, and many others--can only be ordered from the manufacturer with a minimum quantity of 100, but if I can procure a pair of size 46 soles, they would be happy to sew them onto their new mocs for me as a custom order.

Does anyone know of a source for these soles in the standard charcoal gray color? The pattern on the bottoms is unimportant, as I am only really interested in the profile.

Thanks for your consideration.



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Cheers Ironplanet.

Vibram, unfortunately, has a minimum order of 100 pieces. What does a cobbler do if a customer comes in with a Maine moccasin to be re-soled? Surely he doesn't buy 100 units just to use one pair and then store the other 99 for future customers...

Is there a supply house that will sell single pairs of these soles to a consumer?

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