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Lancer plus alignment issues

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I seem to be having a problem when lining up my lancer plus after changing main cutting blade. I set it up using two chubb blanks in cutter and tracer vices. Tested so they just touched the top, left and right side of the bit. However when I cut a test lock the key is having problem locking from the inside. I have tested on a 3lever union and chubb mortice lock on my shop door although sometimes it will work? As you can imagine I need this solving ASAP. Thanks again 

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35 minutes ago, cobblers.keys said:

Thanks for the reply Ian, everything seems in place but I have put a copy cutter in (HD 300SF) and not an original silca one. Wouldn't have thought that matters though would it?. 

Thanks again 

We have the 300SF in our lancer in store and have had no problems :) 

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