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We felt it was only right that the Shoe Repairer forum fully supported Barry and Margaret with their new charity the Mizen Foundation, following the news that they had parted ways from the charity they founded, most recently known as For Jimmy, now known as Smart Choices.

Any posts created for the purposes of selling need approval from the forum’s Admin and Moderating Team. This is to stop people using the forum purely for profit.


New Members

Any new members or accounts created (i.e. members who have held an account for less than 12 months and/or have not contributed at least 20 times to forum threads) will be required to pay an-upfront donation of £5 to the Mizen Foundation fund before their advertising post is approved.  


Current Members

Any current members or accounts (i.e. members who have held an account for at least 12 months and contributed to forum threads at least 20 times) are not required to pay an up-front donation before their advertising post is approved. We ask that current members donate to the Mizen Foundation fund once their sale is complete. Anyone disregarding this will be warned once and then banned for any further infractions, on top of being named and shamed.


Here is a link to the Shoe Repairer forum Just Giving page for the Mizen Foundation, please make any donations here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/shoe-repairer-forum-mizen-foundation

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50 minutes ago, hibsjo(SCO) said:

Im surprised at the donation list on this.

having just made a donation, to see its been 3 months since a donation was made im a little surprised cos there seems to be  a lot for sale on here

carry on!

I THINK A CHARGE OF SAY £2 will bring more in.

instead of suggested donation.

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