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Wanted true code

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it is very rare to see truecode for sale 2nd hand , every so often but not often , its low cost enough new and simply works on what it says it works on so for most still too good to let go, new its still a good investment , as is tdb1000 on renault , another tool you will find hard to pick up used as too useful to let go .

though plenty of mvp pro and even smart pro up for sale on dreaded tokens

if you find one used you have done well , if not buy truecode or tdb1000 new , both are quick payback

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Truecode is fantastic kit and very simple to use and extremely reliable , as you have asked about renault , renault coverage it has is flawless , but does lack some later coverage and at present we dont know if new coverage will be available later on the truecode platform .

new to buy truecode smart with REE1 , RTC1 , RTC2 , RTC3 , RTC4 and RTC5 licences is around £1045 plus vat and gives you almost full renault coverage to around 2014/2015 models 

to buy TDB1000 plus the renault software licence is around £950 plus vat and has more later renault coverage and so far has been updated free  , still easy to use but nothing is as easy to use as truecode .

the best fit really depends on what coverage you require and need , up to what year .


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 never had an issue with truecode on transit custom up to 2016 , after this is not covered on truecode . the id63 80 bit is covered the later id47 isnt . ive not had a custom without alarm that its failed on yet .

had one that smart pro couldnt do either , as stated alarm active but no sound bar a low hum , someone had disconnected alarm sounder , but was active 

other than that ive done alot of id63 80 bit customs with truecode without issue , ive not had a fail yet and done alot of these since software firat released

the new models after 2016 are covered on the new halkyard tech release , even with alarm sounding , but not on truecode

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Truecode very good on transit custom 2014-2016 ID63/83 as Martin has said above.  Takes seconds to pass security and program key.  Voltage is critical on these and progress bar will hang around 80-90% if you don’t have sufficient voltage when programming.  Must use boost pack or battery support unit. 

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