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Fed up waiting for Silca.

I have just decided there must be a way to get my Triax to cut WXM keys as there is a cutting card available and i already have the cutter bought from FO Select in switzerland .


So i calibated my machine with the 01J jaw instead of the 128 jaw required this must have a tip stop as the alignment of the cuts is way out.

So using stop 2 i altered the Y axis by -180 and the depth by -10 and i have just cut keys to 5 different locks i have in stock all working perfectly.

I have also tested cutting the 7 depth cuts in one go to see if the key would be pulled out of the jaw and they key i have just cut was 253577 and cut perfectly (might be an issue when the cutter is worn down a bit.

For any 8 cut depths i will start by replacing them with a 6 to start with then run through again with the 8 depth as required.

So to summerise i can now cut WXM keys to code for all my trade customers/forum members.

Screen shot below of adjustments made.


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