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Laser engraving tips/tricks

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After the success (in my opinion) of the Vistool Owners Club I thought i'd start a similar thread about laser engraving.

I've just bought my first laser engraver and have had some amazing help to get me started from Craig @ Mr Fix it. With all the amazing minds on this forum i thought i'd try and get some help to be spread around on anything and everything laser engraving.

 Any tips, any questions, any problems...

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First question.

I have got my first job in. A leather dog collar (suede) that requires a phone number. I'm still getting my head around positioning on the bed in relation to Corel draw. I've practised loads and everything came out OK but it's always a worry with customers items.

Is it possible to heavily mask up an item and send the job over with VERY low power like you would when using standard engravers tape on a metal item. I know i can try it with the red light and not the laser itself (LS100) but thought a proper test would be helpful.

Cheers in advance.


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Hi Paul

I've done it with several layers of masking tape before, but even with low power you can never be sure something wont get through.

Getting power/speed right on an item you only have one of is scary!

If position is your main issue, just use some other material to check.

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Hi Paul a good tip for that on a customers one off item is test it using the gravoply setting and lay a scrap of clear Perspex over the item. That’s better than tape and you then have an exact preview of engraving. Also for positioning on Corel just put item in machine use keypad on machine to move head to place led dot in centre of the item look at the x and y coordinates and place the item on Corel screen in the same coordinates. I will pop some Perspex scraps in the post on Monday for you.




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  • 3 weeks later...

I moved my LS100 from home workshop to shop yesterday and have had to install a new print driver to run it from the desktop in the shop.

Everything is working fine but i think i have missed something when setting the settings. 

The laser is not checking the Z axis when starting a job, it just goes ahead and engraves at the level I set it. 

Does anyone know what setting i have missed/set up wrong. I am running the laser straight from Corel draw and not through Gravo software.

I know I can get it sorted via Craig @ MrFixIt after the weekend but just wondered if anyone here may be able to sort it for me over the weekend??

With thanks



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2 hours ago, beware said:

Can't screenshot it but the aurofocus button is to the right in print preferences under the laser type dropdown. Looks like two triangles and an oval.

Thank you, I'll go to the shop tomorrow and check it out.

Appreciate the reply.

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