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Bott Industrial tool box key code

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Howdy Folks,

One of our locksmiths has a customer with a  Bott tool box,  lost key situation,

He says it is German made but I thought Bott was made in the United Kingdom,

Code # WBG 13 on face of lock.

We are hoping you folks may have some information on key blank, depth & space and actual cuts to code ??

Of the 3 code programs I use I do not come up with an answer for this one, do not find it in Instacode, Codes On Line or Geneicode,

I was thinking maybe a DOM key blank ?

Thanking You In Advance

You folks stay safe and healthy over their


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AW HA , did a search here using bott and it may be the Silca CS7 blank or CE7 blank as both are mentioned,

Can you folks confirm  one or the other as these would not be commonly used blanks here  ??

And if is in Instacode what would I search under if the codes are available ??

I also noticed the tip is undercut, would that  apply to this lock as well ??

Again Thanking You In Advance


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