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Gravograph m40g how to use manual needed

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I recently bought a used m40g IQ to engrave glass bottles, champagne flutes etc and also to engrave brass and metal signs. Unfortunately it didn't come with any soluble oil (although I have now bought some) more important it didn't come with instructions on how to do any engraving or setting up. I have looked on youtube etc but can not find any useful information showing how to set up jobs etc. If anybody can help I would appreciate it. 

Thanks again 

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Please email support@gravograph.co.uk listing the part numbers you need and they can quote.

It's a very useful tool, but you can use anything as long as it gets clamped centrally in the machine - in olden times a spare cutter knob.  Equally, you can just put the standard ruler jigs on and close them tight to get a line on one axis, then put a ruler across the zero points for the other axis.

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I have managed to get my head around it now ( I hope) thanks. I engraved on a gin glass today. The machine is up and running good although when engraving it made a very loud vibrating sound and the letters were a bit rough around the edges. This might be because diamond cutting isn't as clear as sandblast finish? 

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