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Samuel Windsor make lovely uppers but their rubber/leather soles and heels are really poor.

Take them to a good repairer and ask for his best quality soles/heels to be added. If he is any good he will use something far superior to the original and they will last you much much longer than what S.Windsor have fitted.

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45 minutes ago, Tom D said:

i always think if the fella who makes the bags they come in  made the shoes then they might get somewere

Maybe wearing the bags over the shoes would be a good idea.

Having said that I wear  a pair most days to work in. I own about 6 pairs at the moment.

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the outside of the heel will always wear down no mater what you put on them  putting rubber segs on may prove just as pointless as steel ones unless you know the correct adhesive to use for the material that the sole unit is made of there is no  such thing as one glue sticks all ,plus the fact you could end up taking the pitch and balance out of the shoe creating wear on the medial side of the shoe 

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