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Window handle key ID assistance

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Thanks all for your replies .

I have asked customer to draw the picture of the key (the best she remembers) it and she draw this photo. This looks like KWL11 , I have ordered KWL11 as suggested above, see if it works , if not I have to try these other possible options ...


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1 hour ago, Flash said:

I would loan the customer one of each pre-cut window key I have in stock, charge a fair deposit, and allow customer to try each one.

Refund deposit on return and charge for key.

Thats what we do.

£50 deposit or a credit card/driving licence as a deposit.

Always check you get the same ammount of keys back as went out.

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I have the window handle with me in the shop... I have tried all the ones I have on my window keyboard !!

I usually can spot the key looking at the handle and the profile , but this one is very old handle and says "patent pending" on the back of the handle. 

I do order a Titon key see if that one works ... 

thanks all for you help ... 

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Yes, Flash is right, I have numerous window handles and first thing I said " just have a new handle with 2 keys" they said all the windows in the house fitted with the same handle/ lock and if possible they would like to get a key for it...

I had a closer look today at the profile and it's obvious that it takes as double bit Mortice style key.. I shorten the KWL11 sides and now it's going in but would not turn, so may be something similar to KWL11 would do This lock but which one I have no idea :)

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