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Timpson watch lifetime guarantee

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Still see loads from before 2010 coming in. I usually write them a new card if their old one is getting a bit nasty.

no small print to get out of anything. Happy to have a returning customer.

if the watch stops working we can offer a service, I’ll never force it because I don’t want them thinking it was me that damaged it. Once they have a service their guarantee continues.

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Can imagine all sorts of problems  if some of our customers are anything to go by the amount of people that come in for a battery  that think the only thing that goes wrong is the battery is unbelievable then there are the customers that say it was ok when I brought  it in for a battery yet it was not working  and you just can’t get through to them that other things go wrong  and we only charge a fraction of what timpsons  charge would like to see a price guide for timpsons charges

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Do you have to take your watch back to the branch you got the initial battery replacement and guarantee card from? There’s nothing on the card to say where I got it, just the make of the watch and the date I got the first one in 2015. I’ve had one other since then but went to the original branch for that. I have one closer to me now, can I take it there does anyone know? Thanks 

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