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KeyDiy Help Please

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I have the KDX2 and used it very successfully to generate many remotes, my question is I have a customer with a 2017 Seat leon who wants a new remote making, but I cant find the software for that particular key on the KD website, the key ref is 5F0959752B as far as I can see this is correct, can the KDx2 make this particular key, thanks in advance 

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1 minute ago, eimco said:

Unfortunately not. KeyDiy can’t do those keys. They are the MQB key.if you have a X-Horse machine similar to the KeyDiy that might be able to do it. 

I think the ones you generate on VVDI key tool will only program in with the VVDI commander.  I tried to generate one and program with Londsor but it failed to precode.  Aftermarket one was grand.

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the 2017 seat leon will be mqb and will be megamoss AES chip , so there is no way you will clone it at present , the only option is to code it by obd .

keydiy doesnt have the remote for this at present time , xhorse have an mqb remote key you can generate and code by obd , some like it and some do not , some report success some report fails , but still need to do this via obd .

so at present time it will be new or aftermarket remote until one is released and id wager that even then it will be a while before its 100% working

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