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Covid-19 return to work risk assessment

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That's a good idea, I have 'borrowed' a generic one from NI HSE which I have changed a little and attached. It is generic so you may want o customise but the general gist is in there - perhaps if anyone adds bits you could share to make a more comprehensive one we can all look to share?

Hope the .docx ones work as I am a mac user let me know if there's any issues with them, the pdf version will show what was trying to be achieved if it's different looking - let me know if there is a problem

There are 3 parts you will need each of them

COVID CONTROLS REQ.pdf Covidadditional controls.pdf CovidRA.pdf RA Covid additional control measures.docx RA Covid control measures.docx RACovid.docx

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As a bike shop Im opening Monday.

I've moved my counter to the door to stop people coming right into the shop, they can step inside but only a little way.

I've cut a massive social distancing vinyl to stick on the outside floor tiles

I've got sanitizers both sides of a splash screen (still to arrive!)

I'll be wearing a home made face mask & washing it daily

I'll be wearing gloves (which I do anyway because of the bike repairs)

I have two 10 second videos 1, for cobb-lees, 1 for Bikespeeds ready to publish at 08:30am Monday morning & I'm go for launch (subject to health of course!)


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