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Umarq to close UK operations

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Just read this on my USA forum

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses around the globe, U-MARQ USA president Elisha Spector announces that U-MARQ UK will close on May 31, 2020.

Spector states, “The shutdown imposed by the U.K. and the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic has done permanent damage to U-MARQ UK’s business, and going forward U-MARQ will no longer be producing engraving machines.”

Following the close date, U-MARQ UK’s website will only feature available parts and accessories to give existing customers access to spare parts. The company is working on a plan to keep up with tech support, as well as future repairs. The forum and website will remain up into the foreseeable future. Any additional information will be posted as it’s available.

As for U-MARQ USA, although most of its products come from U-MARQ UK, Spector says the U.S. company “will not be going anywhere any time soon.” She plans to help customers and keep the U.S. website live for supplies and part orders.

“I will be offering repairs for as long as I have the parts to do so,” Spector adds. “Although this marks the end of the manufacturing for U-MARQ UK, I am determined to find a solution to keep our high-quality brand name alive.”

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Unfortunately the posted press release from the USA was not accurate and has now been removed.

U-MARQ’s position is this:

We are discontinuing manufacturing of our engraving machines. This decision is purely a commercial decision as it is no longer sustainable to manufacture machines.

 The world markets are being flooded with cheap Chinese machines, many of questionable quality, and it is therefore becoming more difficult for a quality manufacturer to compete in the world market which U-MARQ has done for many years.

U-MARQ Ltd in the UK  will continue to support it’s customers directly, through it’s Dealer network and through the U-MARQ forum.

 In fact I believe we have been the only company to provide technical support without interruption during the corona pandemic.

U-MARQ Ltd have still got stocks of UK manufactured machines, accessories, materials, tags. gifts etc., (see our website https://www.u-marq.com) or contact us on 01908 623522.

 Many of these are on offer because of the large stocks we have.

U-MARQ Ltd also have a large stock of spare parts for all of our current machines.

 We will carry on repairs and servicing at your request for the foreseeable future.

If you would like any further information please contact us via our website or on sales@u-marq.com.


Richard Portas,


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