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Replacing Watch Batteries & covid 19

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I've been thinking thru what procedures we should use when the wife comes back to work in the shop.

Since this started,  I've been open limited hours mainly by appointment and emergency call outs (we don't do shoe's). I've been turning away watch battery replacements because I'm concerned about whats living on and in a watch. I've opened up a few in the past, and to be honest, some have been so encrusted they've made me want to gag.

I'm against wearing a mask and gloves at the moment (counter is screened and items are squirted and wiped as they come thru the hatch}. So ant idea's on how to sanitise a watch?

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We use a sanitising pod ... its used for baby's dummies available from Amazon.

The customer pops  the watch in the pod using UVC light the pod cleans the watch after 60 seconds we take the watch out all germ and virus free do the repair pop the watch back in the pod 60 seconds later the customer takes the watch out of the pod. Customers think its great that youre keeping them safe for the sake of 2 extra minutes. 

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