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Over Spraying Waterproof spray on suede

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I think I may have oversprayed the suede waterproof spray on my bag and now a section is overall darker and there is this patch that it looks like it has been ironed over (like the texture of the suede is flatter and rougher). Can this be fixed? At a store or there are things I can do at home? Please help!

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If it's a light coloured material then it's ALWAYS advisable to do a test spray, first, to see how it takes; usually on the tongue where any discernible difference wouldn't be so obvious.

I'm not sure if the damage is already too bad as I can't physically check it but my first route would be to get a suede brush and try to brush off as much as you can and then use a suede shampoo.

The ironed over patch you may be able to rasie the nap back up with the brush or some fine emery paper.

Hope this helps.


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