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Davenport Burgess open FYI in these strange Times ...

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I personally am not working myself at the moment sadly , but this may help some of the customers who have had to stay open to help others ... 

some customers have been in contact asking for items as getting harder to supply due to places being closed etc . So with restrictions and minimal staff the office will be open from Monday . 

Please feel free to contact the OFFICE DIRECTLY for any help , you needs etc . 

please stay safe everyone. 


again please do not email myself directly at present or PM me as sadly I am in self isolation still . 

I just wanted to help inform users on here . 

need a virtual Key book etc . 
click on below To download what you need . / no log in needed . 



Kind Regards 




Regards Tony 

Email Tony.Wilkin@jactools.co.uk                                                                                                                      

JAC Tools (Aylesbury Ltd) Unit 5, March Place, Gatehouse Way , Aylesbury, HP19 8UG

t:   01296 393936                                 m:   07985 606103

e:   store@jactools.co.uk                w:  www.jactools.co.uk              FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  Facebook

https://www.jacs-electricbikes.co.uk/          https://fastenerswarehouse.co.uk/          https://jactools.co.uk/product-category/key-cutting-machines-starter-packs/          

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