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Can anyone tell me if I can cut this on the Futura and if so do they know which clamps.  It would save me a trip to my shop if you do know :)  I reckon it is JMA IS-14D.  Does that look right?

2020-04-14 09.45.45.jpg

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Yes, I have identified it as IE14 but wanting to check I can do it on my Futura.  I think it's ok on 01 & 02 clamps.  From what I can see the same clamps for the edge cuts?  I kind of expected a spacial jig but from what I can see it's the same?  

2020-04-14 12.09.16.jpg

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6 minutes ago, Auto Key Wizard said:

Use 01J & 02J jaws

Thanks Terry.  This is what is confusing me (see picture). This looks like the same blank, but suggests a 11J clamp.  Will it do the edge cuts in a 01J, 02J configuration? I would have thought it would need something to hold it correctly on it's edge?  Sorry to question, just want to make sure as I'm ordering in and opening work shop especially to cut them for this Key Worker.

2020-04-14 12.26.29.jpg

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1 minute ago, Lock Stock said:

Iseo suites are done via M-Marcus and have a different profile blank. The blank you need is IE26 which will also pass R11 and R6 as well. You still cut under IE14 (R11MK) on Silca.

always check your reading via eye as the 0 cuts worn keys will read as 1 

Thanks. I have ordered IE26 so that’s good!  I do a visual read too.

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