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Car Key cutting advice please

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I have been in the car key cutting business for only 6 months so im still learning, i can cut the laser and tibbe keys with no problem, but when it comes to cutting double edged Citroen type keys i always have a problem with them, as they never copy correctly and dont work in the locks, i have a Silca Rekord plus machine that i bought to do those type of keys, and have no user manual on how to operate it and set the keys up, so i am loosing a lot of customers by not being able to do them, i would really appreciate any help or advice, thanks in advance

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You best bet is to fit a brand new cutter then set depth, vernier calliper is essential, finally check spacing is correct. The rekord plus cutter can be moved left to right by releasing the Allen screw on the top. Use a cylinder blank with front and back shoulders DO NOT USE TIP STOP YET. Line back shoulders  up to jaw edge, set depth then check you just skim the end of the key. Then set tip stop spacing by lining up the shoulders.Then using several cylinders test keys. Use really good quality cylinders I use Evva, Abus and Elsa NG4 cylinders.No Yale rubbish. When you have done all this then try cutting the keys you are struggling with. Good quality vernier callipers are the most important tool a key cutter uses.

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