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Seeking Greater Manchester based Cobbler for new business venture

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First off - apologies if this thread is within the wrong forum. 

Myself and a colleague are in the process of setting up an online shoe repair service, based within greater Manchester. This is within a sporting niche - the footwear in question has some uniqueness as to how it is repaired.

We are looking to partner with a skilled cobbler who is interested in building a long-term relationship together. We would like to hear from anyone who is interested; with high-standards and an eye for detail. If you would like to learn more, please drop us a message, and we would be very happy to schedule a call / meeting.

All the best, 


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I'm not knocking your ambition but so many have tried similar schemes before, some with shoes, many with locksmiths - 'I promise 5 million pounds a week' - well it is slow to start, I cannot pay you as I have not been paid, that's the last you see of your money and stock. I know of 5 such locksmiths schemes in the last 40 years.

You would need a large lump of cash to start, pay for the repairs on delivery, and know what a good repair is

Good luck

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Hi All, 

Thanks for the comments above. 

I thought it may be best to provide a little further clarity. The two of us are both very active and experienced within our sport with over 20 years experience, we have relationships with a number of clubs, societies and commercial providers.

We would like to offer a resoling service to our direct sports contacts at first, as we know a broad range of individuals who would be interested for starters. We have experience in digital marketing etc, and would look to build on this in time.

Clearly, we understand that these things go slowly at first. We would like to work with a cobbler, who has spare capacity in their schedule to take on our work in their quiet period, and be paid per item completed. We don’t wish to promise you the earth and then fail to deliver. 

We believe that through our network, we should be able to build to several pairs a day, over the course of a year. 


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Hi Will

What type of cost are you planning to charge the end user for a resole for example (ball park is fine) and will there be enough margin left for the repairer etc etc? I''m guessing you'd need to find a sweet spot for the end user to purchase and everyone in the chain to make a viable profit.

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