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you can obtain the code from code brokers like autosecuritycodes.com . 3d etc ,. and online at sites like this one https://www.radiocodes.co.uk/land-rover-key-codes

but this of course is reliant on the vehicle never having had a lock change .

if all keys lost they could send you the lock to strip and read, if they have a working key send you a photo of this.

key code was from memory stamped on a disk attached to the original key set , and is sometimes on a tag/label on back of ignition assembly behind cluster though on old vehicles this is often unreadable .

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6 hours ago, HowardK said:

ignition can be impressioned with some difficulty to fit key,

ignition can also be disassemble with much difficulty to fit key

Diassembling ignition is actually very easy on these, i have done hundreds over the years but don't see many now.

I still have a couple of blanks with the head removed to stop the wafers falling out when inserting and removing the plug.

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