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I have a  Keyline CARAT QUATTRO W 1350 rpm cylinder machine to test if I like so I will but it.

 swapped the  cutter from my other machine ( which is nearly new genuine Slica D700875ZB (Size 80 X 5 X 16MM) cutter and works nicely on the other machine  but it leaves plenty cut bits specially on deep cuts on the key when used on the Quattro  , jut like cutting key with a Blunt cutter. However , the cuts on the other machine which is Silca Rekord (Red One) are nice and tidy and leaves nothing on the key. 

any advise what the issue will be, the problem is the machine or the cutter.. 



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4 hours ago, grahamparker said:

Have a look at Fraises and outils cutters 

foslect.com I believe. Not the easiest website to navigate but very good prices. Had many cutters for my triax from them.

Thanks Graham , Had a look the foslect.com  , other cutters are cheap but 227 Euro for this one :(

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2 hours ago, cowers lane 583 said:



is this the same, a bit cheaper.

 I also did a search for DP, that was shocking. Did you mean DB.

Thanks , Yes mean DB :)

THM keys cheapest so far but don't know the Quality or which brands they sell HD or some chines low quality ? 

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I bought some cutters from the MLA show called RAISE they are chinese. I bought one for my Unocode in carbide for £100 no vat and it is the best cutter i have ever used in the unocode so well worth the money (it has already lasted longer than silca and other cutters i have tried and is still cutting quietly,smoothly with very little burrs left.. I also bought a carbide 101 and 129 cutter for my triax from the same guy approx £30 each and again superb cutters and cheap.

If i had known how good they where i would have purchased more.

I have a catalogue but it isn't easy to work out and although they have a website is STILL under construction.


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  • 5 months later...

Just and update  on this cutter in case if anyone else need this ... 

Based on Graham's advise I ordered a RAISE Cutter for my machine direct from China at £50 cost including carriage. 

EST sent me the direct link from the Supplier on Aliexpress. 

I have been using it for 3 months now, The cutter is perfect and really good quality at really good price ( £200 cheaper than a supplier here) 

So just want to say thanks Graham and EST for helping with this and if anyone want this cutter let me know will message you the Link.. 



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