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Silca Quattrocode cutter motor loosing revs.

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Hello, our Quattrocode machine is having issues, the motor driving the cutter is loosing revs while cutting

Kaba Quattro and Kaba Expert blanks. The fault is intermittent, but starting to become more regular.

The machine is 12 years old and cut aprox. 17,000 keys.  There has been zero issues with the machine,

it has performed flawlessly.

Anyone know if new motors are available?   Certainly none here in New Zealand or in Aus.

Thanks in advance, Alan, Accurate Locksmiths, Auckland, NZ.

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is it direct drive ??

is it belt driven ??

if belt driven, are the belt(s) worn, pulley(s) worn ??

is there a speed or built in speed control ??

is it capacitor start ??

 if it uses carbon brushes it may need cleaning and new carbon brushes,

a local electric motor company shop should be able to test and or repair the motor, or even find a replacement if needed as well as test and find other electrical  replacement parts if needed


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