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EVVA key blank - (Schlüsselrohling)

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Do anybody know the Code of this EVVA key blank

I think it origins in the 1970ies. maybe 1965 - this is when our Hous was build

Kind regards from Styria Austria

Schöne Grüße aus Steiermark


(german; deutsch: Kennt jemand diesen Schlüssel Rohling von EVVA?)

more keywords: identify keyblank key blank ID keycutting Evva series ewa serie Schlüssel Schlüsseldienst Schlüssel-nachmachen





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Change the lock, it’s ancient.

its also so worn you could use a whole range of keys. I suspect it will fail soon as the front pin looks as though it’s ready to drop out. There’s no anti snap protection either

also if it’s the original lock you have 55 years worth of people who could possibly have spare keys to your house.

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Hi! Thank You!
The Problem is - evva - is the "top-dog" (Platzhirsch in german) here - and as so often in Austria prices are "controled"

That means - you have to pay 43.- €uro for one spare key  in the newer times if you got ther key blank from evva directly. (Altanlagen-Zuschlag Altschließanlagen-Zuschlag is the magic word therefore...)

This phenomen is an european phenomen - but specialy an Austrian - to pay a lot for nothing.

(You can find - spare parts which cost some cents in US - costs 20 Euro and more in Europe. Bearing, seals and such parts are often in a "controled" market in Europe.

The possibility of chanding the hole system is academic - but thanks - the systems in such Houses are very big - and for one single user; how should he manage this??!

The idea is not bad - and the best way would be to change to an other supplier - international or german. The marked control there is not so strong there as in Austria (the same old story not only "since 1919" like evva)

I changed my key sytem on my private doors this way - maybe I have to go to a metalworking company - it should be always cheaper to pay 43.- € for one key or 200.- for 5 pcs !! (Another possibility is to contact the "Arbeiterkammer" - but the more argument for equal prices as for fair prices in our ideological homecountry...)

If somebody can tell me the code for a Key blank (ein Schlüsselrohling - Rohling means "uncutted") it will be fine - Thanks


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This is an Evva GPi key, there are around 200 different blanks and many do not circulate.

You' have there a quality product which seems to have benefitted you for over 60 years.

As one of the Platzhirsche on this forum often says: Buy cheap, buy twice.

To spend some extra time on a small problem, you could look at keymax.de 



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Also thanks - Yes the smal problems of life.

If one have to live from 850.- €uro monthly ist is sometimes not so easy.

We also look for an key like this.

We try ro save 5.-€ for some spare keys. We neet that for the healthy-service to come in on emergenzy.

30.- € monthley goes out for the new cleaning machine in zhe moment. But in 2 Years we think the money for thre extra Keys shoult be come in.

Inbetween we try to find some cheaper ke blanks - the last spare key 7 Years ago was at the prise of 12.- €uro.

The prices gots up - but no money comes in - thats life! in our days

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