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Old movie inquirery ?

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Howdy Folks,

Please remove  this post if not appropriate,

Sorry for posting here but I do not see a non tech section to post in,

Is there  someone I can email as to finding out about an old black & white British ?? movie for another locksmith over here in the US ??

Thanking You In Advance


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Since my post has not been removed I will add what he has said about what he remembers about the move,

Again please remove post if not appropriate

Thank You

He has said

While at my Grandmother's home in the 1960's, I watched the most fun little English movie. A fellow finds a wallet containing Gold Sovereigns and returns the wallet to it's rightful owner.
The person getting the wallet back offers the young man a "finders fee", which is turned down, the fellow wants a JOB. He gets one collecting rents in a run down area of (I guess) London. This is in the 1800's.
The fellow does well and supports his Mother. He gains respect from his peers who at one time made fun of him.
What is the name of this B&W movie?
Thanks MUCH, Randy Main


"Howard - I posted about a British movie I wanted to "know more about". After thinking about it, I think YOU are my only HOPE. (wow).
You asked me about it. Here is ALL I KNOW.

A kid in England, Maybe London, is not popular with the other kids and helps his Mother. He finds a wallet and it has leather pouches in it that contain English Sovereign coins AND the address of who it belongs to. Up to this point, AND continueing through the movie, there is NO "romantic" or comedy theme. It is just about a kid who needs a job.
As I can remember, he gets a job with that company that is a property management company and he gets to collect rents from their worst paying tenants. He soft talks tham, no strong-arm methods. He does very well and advances through the ranks of the company, eventually becoming and looking very prosperous. A fellow that had given trouble as a kid and made fun of his Mother, is now a footman (a low job) on a beautiful carriage. The fellow whispers "Good morning and how is your Mum?" A BIG difference from his previous attitude.
I look through lists of British films, knowing it is NOT going to be titled "the invasion of the spiders" or "behind the green door".
Howard... I NEED your help... FIND THIS MOVIE... (please)
It's black and white.

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