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Half Cylinder Removal ??

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Howdy Folks,

A locksmith over here is trying to remove a Half Cylinder Thumbturn from a door,

As In the photos you can see,

There is no screw in door edge that aligns with it,

There IS a slot to depress or lift a spring loaded pin to let the turn rotate farther but it will still not come out even with the escutcheon removed,

Could it just be a tight fit or is he missing something other then aligning the cam to vertical down ??

Does he need to align it and grab the shank ( round turn removed) with vise grips and pull hard ??

Possible to remove the part of the door edge metal part and find a hidden retaining screw ??

Other possibilities ??


Thanking You In Advance


Multi 2.PNG

Milti 1.PNG

Multi 3.PNG

Multi 4.PNG

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whats on the blank side? a cover plate? some have screw (well bolt) holes in the end and are fixed from the rear, Yale had one that fitted by allen key and you turned it backwards ie away fro n=the door edge but that involved a small hole in the plate- it cannot be an interference fit else it would just pull out. maye fixed under the rose? cannot see clearly but there appears to be a slot under the turn. Else smack it and smack it and smack it with a fffffin great hammer that will fix it!

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