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Help with identifying single phase or three phase machines.

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On 12/13/2019 at 5:25 PM, petercoulson said:

It's not possible to tell from these photos, would need pictures of the plates on one of the motors with pictures of the motors themselves

Hi peter I took these photos hope it helps you to help me out. Many thanks 







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5 hours ago, petercoulson said:

They're all single phase, the smartie tube looking capacitor on them identifies that

Thank you soo much mate basically I am buying these machines the person told me they are single phase but he wasn’t confident when he was answering me. So I thought I double checked.

i have single phase power in my shop,I won’t need that RMT-5 box and other box would I?

 Thank you soo much 

i will donate some money to the forum end of this week.


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Need to add more information.

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