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Recommended cobblers in the Derby/Nottingham/Chesterfield area?

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I’ve got some clog-type boots where the sole has come away from the upper in the heel area on the left boot; it’s still attached at the toe area. Uppers are leather, sole is solid wood.

Can anyone recommend somewhere in the Derby/Nottingham/Chesterfield area I could get this fixed? We have a Timpsons in town but they’ve never been interested in fixing my boots before (different issues, different brand boots) so I’m not particularly interested in giving them my custom now.

I had been contemplating fixing the boot myself but after reading this forum I’ve decided not to. I could use some recommendations of where to go though! Thank you in advance. 

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Evening, did you get this sorted, if not I'm not too far away, little town called heanor, feel free to give me a bell 


County shoe care

01773 549990 



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We are based in Nottingham and also Chesterfield at peters shoes. We are currently operating an online postal repair service via our website www.peters.shoes if this helps.

please let me know if you would like more info.

many thanks

Peters Shoes

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