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Motorcycle locksmith

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Hi guys and hoping for a little help and advice .

I have been working with motorcycles and scooter for sometime and in 3 months I am moving to Spain to a shop I have opened there.

there is a big demand there for the full range of locksmith work

to include lost keys. cloning keys etc etc

I have had experience with older bikes and scooters but was looking for the best equipment to and tools to add to my very limited locksmith toolbar lol.

I have looked at miraclone but have been told although it is good its not the best on the market for bikes.

thank you and look forward to any help or advice

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Motor bike and scooter work is/can be very lucrative

Because of that I won't be sharing my in-depth knowledge of their immobiliser systems.

But I will share the tools I use:

Mr.Li Decoders (supports most Japanese keyways)

Tango and Orange-5


ASW (Advanced Scooter Workshop)



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scooters and bikes may well be a niche that many havnt bothered with , i know a few general locksmiths that the dream went sour for one in canaries and a few on mainland spain , but like here im sure theres some doing very nicely.

best of luck , getting away from the cold is a nice thought

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