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I've got a condition called Policeman's heel - basically, the base of my heels hurt all the time, especially after when I've been laid down.

Can anyone recommend anything that I can put in my shoes that will work? I've tried Google but there are too many different answers and I'd rather hear it from someone who  knows about these things.

I have some plastic arch supports but am unwilling to try them in case they're not up to the job and cause more pain or damage.

Cheers. Rick.


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I never found any insole or arch support that worked. Mine's from standing on concrete floor for 30 odd years.

The only thing that helped me was ice and rehab exercises like rolling a tennis ball with the arch of your foot while sitting down in the evening. It helps stretch the tendon that joins the arch to the heel.

Mine flairs up every now and then but clears real quick

Google fasciar plantitus (check spelling!!) exercises.


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This condition can be due to lack of exercise, sitting a lot or standing all day, the tendons shorten and it can be real painful, especially in the morning as your tendons will tighten overnight naturally.  When I was repairing shoes, my feet especially my heels, were really painful first thing and i never knew why, until I saw a physiotherapist who explained why.

I now use Orthotic insoles bought from Amazon and they work a treat, sitting down a lot is now the cause though ;-)  Stretch your calves as often as possible, tip toe on the stairs is a good exercise, but make sure you drop right down as part of the movement, if that makes sense?


Good luck!



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18 hours ago, grahamparker said:

Colledges have a lot of gel and orthotic insoles in stock Rick.

Thanks but already ordered for £6.75.

@hakeemz : Most of my footwear are Skechers with the Memory Foam insoles and they don't really help. Thanks for the advice, though.


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