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No swarf on jaws, top key was first key cut so recalibrated after that which futura said was fine. This key was code entered from InstaCode 02L Cutter was also used, second key I had to stop machine as I watched it and it started to cut into the actual clamp, it didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon.

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59 minutes ago, Auto Key Wizard said:

If that was the case, the tracer would/should have had an issue whilst detecting the jaw before decoding key.

If a conductivity problem was between the key and the 01J/02J adaptor or the adaptor and jaw then the jaw would be detected but not the key.


43 minutes ago, grahamparker said:

Shouldn't the decoding tip be pointed ? Or is it an optical illusion.

It looks like a flat tip to me or do you decode all keys with this tracer ?.

My Triax has 4 decoding tips that i use 2 built in to the machine and 2 that replace the cutters on certain special keys like RPT keys.

A flat tipped tracer could lead to an inaccurate decode but should still detect the key surface.

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Sorry for the late reply, The machine has always asked for 02T tracer for every key it decodes but only started snapping the traces about a year ago, I tried a conductor test from tracer to jaws and tracer to key as your able to see in the options if it is making a connection and both were

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