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Any ideas on a key blank for these? I normally use LF12 but the codes normally have a zero as a prefix and this one doesn't.

It's  a lost-key internet query so can't try a key for myself.

It's number 18.

Cheers. Rick.




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On 8/8/2019 at 3:45 PM, kirkybob said:

HI rick

using JNG-1D blank multicode gives cuts as

A  23231

B  23131

this could be a complete red herring of course


If it’s anything like my multicode then it will be a large red herring.

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On 8/12/2019 at 10:58 PM, Auto Key Wizard said:

N018 not important

N103 important

190 important

001 not important

109  important

Get it?


I have a come across a Thule key that is numbered 13 that has the bitting 22001, which should be 074 from what I can decode. Number 013 is completely different and is 21120. I also have 7 other Thule keys that I've managed to obtain over the weekend, so I can learn to sight-decode them,  that have completely different codes to the ones with 0 prefixes.....

That's why I asked about the zero being important. 

Get it?


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