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Hi all,

still slowly building up my Lishi picks and also got a KD900. I recently bought a RW2 just to play about with (only paid £30) so thought it was good to start with but am looking for any old stuff I can probably use on limited vehicles, so old stuff just so I can practise to get used to doing vehicles.

At the moment its the cheaper the better but I know newer stuff is not cheap, hence want cheapo stuff to play about with before I commit to spending thousands.


If you have anything I may be interested in please let me know.


have great day all.



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buying RW2 I would call the worst first step
There is no point in spending money on something that does nothing
To start playing with cars, the best solution for you will be buying

1. kdx2 does most transponders used today
2. key cutting machines

At the beginning it is enough to start
But get ready for investments that never end in this industry



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as above , RW2 is a poor buy , though you may just about see enough old cars to get your £30 back . so your cloner choice is poor.

kdx2 or vvdi key tool would be better cloner buys as has more than 100 times the coverage of rw2 so you will be able to cover what rw2 covers and many current cars too.

with regards kd900 , although a good unit for remote production , this is pointless without obd capability to program , kd900 was a great stock saver as a wide remote generation coverage but without obd coverage has little value . KDX2 or vvdi key tool would vave been better buys again for remote generation as both are cloners too and both have up to date cloning as well as all the remote generation that kd900 has , with the added bonus of remote copy functions , chip generation and a host of other functions , and kdx2 is cheaper than kd900 too.

of course with kdx2 and vvdi key tool its only cloning , although with kdx2 you can clone some remotes as well as chips on whole you will be limited to manual keys , most people now want remotes so without obd coverage you are on the uphill.

so many fail in their having a go on auto due to poor kit choices and poor investments , their are some bargains out there but on the whole to get any where near the coverage you need you must spend big , sadly its the constant . every body tries to start out cheap and all realise in end it was wasted money as achieved nothing and they had to invest in the end.

the bestadvice i can give if investment is limited , is spend the money elsewhere .

to make a kdx2 or vvdi key tool pay its way even on spare keys you will need an obd programmer capable of coding remotes by obd and coding intergrated chips , without this you are limited to manual keys on a wide range of everyday cars , take the common astra H and astra j models , yes you can clone a key with most cloners capable of cloning id46 ( not rw2) , but that manual key is not a good seller , as despite it being able to manually open drivers and start car , it cant lock the car up again , same on alot of models .

luckily with so many mvp pro units on the second hand market going for as low as £1500 , a good coverage obd programmer is available all be it on tokens .

there really is no cheap way to get into auto and survive in it or even make it worthwhile .

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