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I’m lucky my Sons into marketing and he does all my social media, Facebook, insta and YouTube 

he also redesigned my shop front for a specific look and has elevated the shops local image. 

Im lucky to have him I take advantage and in return he gains experience but I certainly couldn’t have afforded his time and energy but it would be money well spent I’ve learnt

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We are just starting to experiment with a local marketing company.  In particular, to assist with blogging content for our website.  At the end of the day, I do a lot of social media posting but I'm not a professional, it's not my skill.  So I'm going to try for a couple of months producing extra content in addition and then I'll examine the results and decide if it was worth the extra cost.  I know that the blog posts already written and much more professional looking tha anything I can do myself.  We recently had our website rebuilt too.  I'm already getting more enquiries.  However, I won't commit large amounts over long periods until I am convinced of the results.

I have also managed to secure 12 hours of government funded marketing support from professionals by talking to Business Growth Hub.  This is in addition to about 4.5 hours with a business consultant also provided for free.

If it's free, take it and use it!

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