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Shoes with cracked sole - worth repairing?

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I've got some leather shoes with a very worn and cracked sole on one (the other has a small crack). See picture. When I tried a local chain of cobblers, they didn't think it was worth repairing. Not sure if I should try elsewhere, or ditch them?

They're decent quality Clarks shoes - have lasted around 10years of not-that-regular use - but weren't all that expensive. I got a pair that will serve as a replacement for £30 in the sales recently. I'm wondering now whether my old shoes are also worth getting repaired - I could try other cobblers - or if they're likely to be uneconomic to repair?


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the old chestnut with shoe repair ( or any other  repair) is yes  it can be fixed  but its  not an economical repair unless you really love them ?

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