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Magnum keys: am I on the right 'track'?

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We've tried hard to learn how to decode Magnum keys by sight, but are still having trouble. We received one of those Magnums that our Triax wasn't decoding accurately, so we had to do it by sight.

I've attached pictures of the original key (the plastic-topped Magnum) and of our copy which doesn't work (on Yale blank).
The dimples look fine to me, but the track is clearly wrong. Here's what I thought the code is (from bow to the tip):
A: 2231
B: 231
C: 1213
Can anyone show me where I went wrong, and does anybody have any advice on decoding these 'pesky blighters'?





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Agree c= 2113 the drop in the middle makes you think that it is a 2 the middle cut can deceive you.

Make a depth key so you know the exact positions of the cut. using the cuts 1/2/1/2 that is what i have done but it is difficult when your working to a photo.

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