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brisant ultion BRS3R

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In my part of the country, these seem to be getting more popular.. Im reading about U11 and U12 on the prev post....   

I have been cutting all Ultion on BRS3R's in the last wee while because i heard the BRS1R's can stick in the lock?  I haven't had any returns so i assume all is well.  

Thing is Aldridge are out of BRS3R's for the last few months and Brisant don't reply to me when i contact them so i'm in limbo.

Does BRS3R work in all U11 and U12 Ultion locks? (of the same profile)

Are there any alternatives to the silca BRS3R? I see jma have https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-brisant-ultion-key-blank-u12 Is that the same as BRS3R?

Thanks in advance

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