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New tax are they trying to kill us off?

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18 minutes ago, Auto Key Wizard said:

So what happened?

After years with Sage, We have now been using QuickBooks for almost twelve months, It is a lot more suited to a smaller business.


Accountants convinced me Sage would be my best option as they are agents and could help me through any problems which they did and it actually worked out cheaper as well as i got the first 4 months free. Would not change now as i get on with it so well.

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My Accountant (small firm) is also Sage agent, but work with all other packages, Quickbooks was recommended.

One quirk of Sage, is if an error is made i.e. incorrect value entered, then all entries after the error need deleting to correct the error.

QuickBooks allows just the error to be corrected

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We are using FreeAgent.  We've been using it since the beginning of the tax year.  We are VAT Registered and all good so far.  No complaints with the system.  Took a little to get used to new ways but is working smoothly for us.  VAT man happy, Accountant happy and Freeagent have excellent customer support.

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1 hour ago, Durban said:

I'm going VAT registered in April, what is the flat rate for shoe repairers and could i use the shoe repair rate to make my retail sales easier, as I sell both VAT and VAT free products.

I think I used to pay 10%.

Look for the section of repair to personal items.

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