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cowers lane 583

Era 335B, but much taller bit.

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45 minutes ago, cowers lane 583 said:

Has anyone come across this. Just had a customer, everything about the key was 335b pro-fit  era. But the bit on my blanks( both JMA and Birch) were too short. Cut it on a universal on the end. See if that works.

Did it have ERA stamped on it ?. It could be for the ERA Vectis mpl


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5 hours ago, hakeemz said:

yes universal blanks work fine..curious though why some here doubt their universal..if gauge , length and bit is correct and its cut on a calibrated machine..why would it not work?

Cheap shitty, locks?


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I've seen a few keys similar to how Cowers Lane describes, Era lookalike, octagonal head, hole in the corner etc., except, apart from the taller bit, it had no branding despite being one of the keys that came with the lock. Funny thing is the pin of the key was oval! 7½ gauge horizontally, 7 gauge vertically.

To be honest, I told the customer I told the customer I could only cut a duplicate if I had the lock to hand as it had all the signs of being on a hiding to nothing. 

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